Thursday, March 13, 2014

SA:MP machinima movie project: Fallen Horizon: Brotherhood, Honor, Sacrifice


Two missions About the Navy SEAL team 6 (DEVGRU)
After the explosion in the factory in Somalia and the fallen SEALS that were killed during the explosion.
A group of 4 men qualified SEAL team six and 3 men highly selected Delta forces ''Sergeants'' chosen by the CIA and leaded by the CIA are sent in to capture the taliban leader that was responsible for the fallen SEALs.
Each Delta Forces operator is selected because of their outstanding leadership skills in the field.
So if one dies they can continue the mission with their own instict and initiative and the ROE of the mission is unlike any other missions.
But everything about the mission is not what it seems to be.
They all will face the worst scenarios.

About this project
As you can see MrSix and me started a machinima project.
We are using Gta SA:MP engine for this project.
You might remember this project was named ''Special Forces 2:  Brotherhood, Honor, Sacrifice''.
But MrSix and me decided to change the title to'' Fallen Horizon: Brotherhood, Honor, Sacrifice''.
Movie genre is War, drama and action.
This will be a 40 - 50 minutes movie.
Most of the scenes has already been recorded thanks to the actors.
Over 20 peoples worked on this project as actors, creating mods & effects we never expected this that many peoples would be interested in this movie.

A SA:MP machinima movie project has been created. 
Are you in it?
We will be really happy to complete this machinima but we can't do it without you.
So please even if you can't join us you can also help us to spread a word around to your friends or share it on social media.

Risks & Problems
The biggest challenge we will face is the size and quality of the movie.
We already shot many scenes on SA:MP and most of the scenes are already done but the problem is adding more effect will cause problem with converting the movie. (crash)
We personally want to convert the movie in 1080p HD and having epic effects in it.
The server is pretty laggy for some reason especially if I'm using fraps wich makes even more lag wich makes another losing recording day.
Also ''Fraps'' recorded SA:MP videos takes alot of space on the harddisc.

And another problem that is holding us back is that we worked 2 years on this project and we are getting older and some of us are on the most important phase in our lives.
And we dont have much time anymore for this project because real life goes first and this is just a ''for fun behind computer activity''.
But there's so many man-hours that has went into creating this, that it is just not an option to give up at this point
So we decided it to cancel it for a while and we will continue it in future.
Or we might release it unfinished but still in a fitting movie in private for the partipicans only.

The team
Director - producer: MrSix and thelonewolf
Cast ''Main Actors'': .Vaas.,  Hero, Yohsuke Nakano, Pjecoo and devgru_op
Cast ''Side Actors'': -
Editor: thelonewolf and MrSix

Modder: MrSix, Yohsuke Nakano, Anthony Prevete
Mapper: thelonewolf

Haters and impersonators

Have a question? If the info above doesn't help you can contact us here.
Contact: or

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sneakpeaks and pictures of the movie.

Latest Clip
Well here is the newest clip of Fallen Horizon enjoy!
More info about this video is on Youtube discription and comment what you think!

These clip scenes are the unedited version of the original scenes of the official movie.
the official scenes in the movie now looks way more better or has been changed.

Movie pictures

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Works on the project.

Vegas Pro 10.0


3d models for the movie
Old skins
Will be seen in Fallen Horizon: Brotherhood,Honor,Sacrifice (Part 2)
SEAL team 6 (DEVGRU) - Red team ''the 4 guys on the top''
CIA SAD ''Bottom left''
SFOD-D ''the last 3 bottom right''

                                           This guy will be a protagonist of part one. ''Patrick''
                                             NAVY SEAL team 6 (DEVGRU) - Gold team

Dog information for the machinima movie
His name is ''Odin''  (German Shepperd)
Hes a Navy SEAL ''Frog dog'' and he is personally chosen by a SEAL team member out of 3 other dogs.
Because he is a Alpha dog.
He will be a team member of the SEALs in part one.

New character.
WIP Navy SEALs by MrSix

Will be seen in Fallen Horizon: Brotherhood,Honor,Sacrifice (Part 1)
WIP Navy SEALs by MrSix
Models Ripped by Yohsuke.

Maps & Areas (game engine: SA:MP)
The set of part 1.
 Mogadishu map [WIP]
Mapper: thelonewolf

Animation tests

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Thelonewolf's & thefreemaniac's Gta SA posters

Can be used as headers, profiles, banners, background, anything.
Only availble for partipicans. 
PM me on youtube for full formats.
Credits goes to thefreemaniac &thelonewolf.  

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