3) Personater detected named [BO]Jointoperation aka [BO]JointTaskForce aka [BO] Lone Survivor aka 101FireWarrior aka Special forces Blackops [BO]

Message to the personater [BO]Jointoperation aka [BO]jointTaskForce aka [BO] Lone Survivor aka 101FireWarrior aka Special forces Blackops [BO]

You better stop stealing, trolling or personating me for your own benefit.
What you do right there is giving me a bad name so you better stop.
I noticed that you used my name to make a ban appeal and manage to get unbanned.
 Well luckly for you im gonna report you. 
You litterly copy/paste text from my blog so people will think that I am you.

I worked pretty hard on that rule and texts I update it every time I clearly wrote (you have no permission to copy anything from my site.)
But you just copy and paste it like a switch on a button.
You didnt even put your own time and effort into it.

And you are banned on every server and fucking around in every server while using my name and name of the movie and copy/paste everything from my blog goodjob asshole.

Anyways im not gonna waste more time on you and you better delete those applications on xmovie and cod5community and change the name quote ect.

What happend here?
Someone has sended me about this clown trying to be pretending like me.
I considerd it as (oh jeeze another copycat)
But after seeing that he copied my ''full'' text/rules from my blog with my name on it while that guy is a provoker and a racist I reconsider it how serious this is. (Impersonating)
He is trying to get players for his own benefits by using my name and making my name bad while I am inactive (thats cowardish).

As you can see my name is ''Lonewolf Productions'' and not Lone Survivor Productions

Look at his copy/ paste skills.
He litterly stole/ copied my whole text under my name to advertise for his own benefit.
While he is a troll that gets banned on every server.
this picture is from Xmovieserver forum

He also made a other application for his movie on COD5community 
As you can see he modified his rules that ''he copied/paste from my blog'' in here.
this picture is from cod5community forum

He even copied the title of my project: Fallen Horizon Brotherhood, Honor, Sacrifce 
Pictures from the impersonater
These 3 pictures above are from [BO]Lone Survivor aka [BO]JointTaskForce trying to copy me
As you can see he is trying to copycatting my movie (convoy scene)

My pictures (official by thelonewolf)
These 2 pictures above are the official pictures from thelonewolf productions by the crew + thelonewolf 

The point is not that this guy ([BO]JointTaskForce) is copycat me ''but that he tries to be me while he is a racist and a provoker.'' Trying to give me a bad name.

He is banned on both server (xmovie and COD5 samp) while he was pretending as me(lonewolf) as you can see here

Here you can see that he is banned on Cod 5 SAMP

He is also banned with his other account on COD 5 SA:MP

Here you see that he is banned on xmovie server
See it yourself

 Here you see him saying on both server (anti troller rule) while he is impersonating me and using my name trying to get unbanned.

He is a provoker and a Racist.
As you can see this guy likes to provoke and being a racist but if someone is insulting him he cant take it.
Remember he copied my rules (full) from my blog for his own movie under my name.
And it contains ''respect other religion and countries.''
Well goodjob by not following your own (my) rules...
You may copy/paste the rules from my blog but you dont even read it loser...

After that he is complaining that someone has insulted him while he is a asshole himself.

He is claiming to be a clan leader named Black Ops and claiming to be ''general of army'' in his clan.

 Like I said these days I am not much behind the computer.
So when you see someone using my name or texts (thats not me).
But yes I would be thankful if you see someone pretending to be me and acts like a asshole. that you report it to me. ;-) 
I will handle it if I got time.

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