2) Story about ''Salva/dekant13/Patryk Mroz/Andriek from ''Mctavishmods''

End message to salva from thelonewolf.
Now stop stalking me.
Just end this. (Im in the most important phase in my whole life this is where I start working hard on my real life goal/dream because Im already graduated. and im 20 years old)
Salva you are ''21 years old'' and you keep stalking me and ''spreading shit'' and ''spreading hate'' behind my back while im working on my goal/dream. 
Thats really really sad especially that you always likes to talk about something that is ''useless'' in a videogame.
Do you even have a life?

You claim the whole time that I have no life, but you are actually the one with no life.
(while I am working on my goal irl yet you are still bothering about this movie and talking behind my back.
Now stop bothering and crying about this movie and leave. (you are 21 years old Salva and you need to grow the fuck up) ''Your behavior.''
Do something with your life or go make your (''24 hour work /day'' hardly rigged models with big textures).

And about the movie (what I do or what the crew do)  it's all none of your buissines you are not even in it.

And don't be a coward next time. ''talking cowardly spreading shit about me on your own blog. 
because I am not much behind computer.''

If you wanna show that it ment nothing to you and that the movie sucks.
you must stop entering my blog(giving attention) and stop making a useles topic about me and stop giving attention to the movie and stop stalking me. 

I'm sure you will learn your lesson and......
dont be a smartass about military stuffs or ''showing off'' if you are not even in the military.

And I will not even care what you will write more about me next.
I will ignore further backtalks from you anyways.


What happend here? 
About Salva from Mctavishmods(racist, 21 years old immature, hypocrit, sad person, stalker, drama queen, Wannabe military fanboy)

Imagine when you are chillin , minding your own business watching tv or some other shit.
Then suddenly a annoying fly is flying by and it doent leave you alone till you smash it with a piece of paper... well that's Salva

I just got a message from someone about that Salva from mctavishmods was talking shit cowardly behind my back about me on his own blog.

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

So I using/''waisting'' my resting time to spend some time on making this presentation about him to end this once and for all so I can work and focus on my real life goal/dreams.
And I found some interesting shit about him...

Note: normally I don't do things like this ''this is very low I know... but what Salva did ''spreading shit about me'' is very low so don't get me wrong. I just do what he do to learn him a lesson.

And I will not even care what he will write more about me.

I will ignore further backtalks from him anyways.

Salva. wrote shit on his blog about me and the movie.
Because he is mad about something that is ''totally useless'' (crying about who is right and who is not ''arguing about an army unit called k9''). (useless waisted topic that was not worth my time.)
The rule on my blog was ''dont be a smartass and dont argue in here.''
But he don't follow the rules on my blog and I corrected his behavior (I said read the rules) but he couldnt handle it and went mad..
I guess he wants to show of his ''wannabe military fanboy knowledge'' from google, games, movies. 
While he/Salva is not even in the military.

Salva(21) keeps spamming me after that  ''and telling me that he is right and that I am wrong and he is also spamming shit about a machinima movie that I made. '' on my chat so I blocked him everywhere.

So now he is writing cowardly on his own blog as revenge.
This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

You are really sad and a coward salva. 
While Im busy with my real life goal/dream ''not much behind computer'' you are writing shit behind my back about me on your own blog.
So I wan't to clear something up.
At first who is Rusta?
And isnt it possible that ''Rusta'' is the one that personates my name?
Your not so very smart huh?...

Like I said... many peoples have personated me using my name and abuse it.

Most of them are haters, rejected actor, trolls ect.
There was even one time that someone personated me using my name while I was recording he was asking ''which world'' to the crew while I was making the movie with them.

These pictures was taken by thelonewolf on SAMP computer game.

So the crew and I had to log in with undercover names and secret crew password so they are not bothering us anymore while we are recording.
This picture was taken by thelonewolf on SAMP computer game.

And I was only online when I do recordings with the crew.
But now i'm working on my goal these days and I don't have time to play computer/ video games so everyone with my name you see these days are not me.
I am not even banned so don't spread your blind hate Salva.

But anyways I don't even care about these personating internet cowards.

Its just very low and cowardish that you got a topic talking cowardly about me.
So if you wanna play this game im gonna play your game too (to learn you a lesson).

To other watchers that come here let me explain why Salva is mad.

As you can see Salva was an ex actor of a Machinima movie that I made.
Then he decided to leave because of ''WORK'' (something better to do he said)   
He works from ''Morning to Afternoon''  ''fulltime'' he said.  <<< there is no fulltime job like this... this is bullshit.
Anyways... I respected that I said ''sure''.

And he was asking me to ''PAY'' him for his service as actor.

He joined the movie ''VOLUNTARY'' and was one of the first that joined the movie.
So its his responsability if he don't want to stay he just need to open his ''not social'' mouth.
He even suggested me at FIRST to use ''online actors'' he even gave me the server name.


Anyways later he wants BACK in my movie WTF after saying ''work'' ''pay'' ''something better to do (probably making mods)''.
And I said ''With all respect you were out and it will be unfair for the other actors that stayed long in the crew
and it will be unfair too for the other ex-actors that I rejected again that wants to rejoin''
anyways he said ''oke''.


But he keeps sticking his nose in the movie. (asslicking'' asking me if I need mods and he is showing off being a millitary fanboy ''SMARTASS'' giving me unnecessary tips ''breaking my blog rules, not respecting it''.)
He is not reading the rules on my chat.

Talking about the dog mod with unnecessary tips and crying about it ''saying that I am wrong about it''

Hehehe ''useful information'' what a joke.
This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

Even if I am wrong about it I don't even care because its such a unneccesary useless topic ''k9''.
But he understood it wrong I was actually ''right'' but I didnt care its too unessecary... why should I care who is right and who is not (uneccecary talking about ''unit in army called K9'').
But because he still cant forget it and cries about it everynight and cant sleep about it (spreading shit on his blog ''even making a topic about it'')
 I will say this.

My/thelonewolf's explaination about the useles topic ''army unit named k9'':

The REAL thing is K9 is ''training'' dogs but at final a SEAL member is chosen to going trough the ''dog  program'' and he may personally choose/select a dog out of many trained dogs.

So I dont get it where you/salva get your bullshit information...

Probably from google, wikipedia, games, movies.
The rule was no smartass comments btw...
and yet again you failed with your ''useful information''
And your pride of showing of your ''wannabe military knowledge'' broke the rules.
He always like to argue about useles topics that I dont even care.

This was not the first time that salva wants to showoff his knowledge.

(Salva was commenting on a ww2 dyom mission that I made on gta sa)
He was saying that a ww2 operation is named ''Operation Overload''
Its actually Operation Overlord but I can understand that his head is too ''overloaded'' with shit.

And he was even talking about a ''shooting target'' in gta sa ''a game'' about that its not a military style that its civilian (while he is a civilian himself).

Ofcourse it's not what do you expect? ''It's gta sa''
 Its about being creative and I know how the real military shooting targets looks like.
And again its such a unneccecary subject ''about a video game shooting target'' what salva likes to complain about.

He was even spamming on the chat ON MY BLOG in ''Polish'' with another dude about PMC's.
''Private military company'' ''they were arguing against eachother for like 6 - 10 minutes.
A whole sentence what they are and what they do.....
So unneccecary.... 
He only wants to showoff his ''fanboy knowledge'' to others. (most of it are a fail because he is not even in the military.)

Salva also said Operation redwing ''a mission in Afghanistan'' is because of oil..... Bullshit.....

hmmm... Im pretty sure it was Iraq (protecting oil fields) but wake me up if someone/US military find some oil in Afghanistan and IMPORT it to USA oke?
And not from some lame ass ''google'' ''Wikipedia'' placed fake informations by liberals/Military haters.
So it has nothing to do with 9/11 or something right Salva? (sarcastic)
While real men dies oversees training the ANA's and helping the locals this dude salva/dekant13 is sitting behind the computer argue talking about conspiracy oil bullshit wow goodjob you must be so proud.


Salva is not even in the millitary and being a ''smartass'' about it is pissing me off.
He wants to showoff that he is ''badass'' knowing about the military stuffs WOW ''clap clap''.
He only got his informations from games and wikipedia and movies and google and most of his informations are a fail.
Really....... wow badass man...... ''hardcore keyboard warrior'' right there. keep smiling and rolling right?

Salva is even talking about military sf tactics in a computer game while he is not even in sf or in the military.

Hehe Salva is even bitching about the tactics. 
So you know some sf tactics Salva? hmmm interesting....
You know to be honost I graduated from a preparenes school for the Military (NCO level)
Its a secondary vocational education in the Netherlands for peoples who likes to join the military.
 Its called ''VEVA''. And even we don't learn how to do some ''special forces tactics''
And he/Salva as a civilian knows how to perform those tactics 100%? ''all the drills''?
So thats really interesting hehe. 
I'd really like to hear from him what he knows. (probably some ''shady'' explaination what he sees from movies or games.....pffffff......)

Look at his wonderful explaination!

These pictures was taken on mctavishmods blog.

Salva... I make this gta sa game movie for fun and you are correcting it like this is a military instruction and has to be 100% accurate. (probably to showoff your wannabe military fanboy knowledge) while you are not even in the military.
I dont need to hear tactics/tips from some random civilian/ Computer game modder....  
Reason: who knows it can cost my own life counting on a random useles tactic tip from a wannabe fanboy(Salva) behind computer.
Thats why civilian smartasses are the most hated kinds in the military especially by instructors.
If I wanna learn about tactics, usefull military tips I wanna learn from military instructors and not some random 21 years old computer game modder named ''Salva''.

Look everyone at Salvas ridiculous critics about the movie ''lone survivor''.
He is talking like he was there after seeing some real life footage wow so badass ''keyboard warrior'' 
He even got the branch wrong.....  soldiers = Navy SEALs?'' Genius!
And I wrote some ''useful information'' in red so he can learn something from it.
Did Salva just said ''real fucking tactical bastards'' ? 
He is not even in the military how can he even say this?
And wait....? didnt Salva said that these men fight for oil? >>>>>>
why does he even care about the military then? 
He really got mental issues.
But nevermind.

Another useful tips ''for Salva''  ''from thelonewolf''
Salva... let me give you some ''useful information''. 
Soldier = army 
Navy SEAL = Navy
This is the reason why you should stop showing off your ''wannabe fanboy military knowledge'' while you are not even in the military
''tok tok echo....'' Empty head of Salva*

So you/Salva like to giving ''unnessecary tips'' about real world militaries towards a video game.... right?
''Here are ''some useful'' BASIC stuff military tips by thelonewolf''

Salvas/mctavish mods...... 
As you can see Salva is always talking about being realistic.... and tactical about military stuffs while playing in a computer game..... And while he is not even in the military.
Well salva its your lucky day.... Im gonna give you some ''useful tips'' about your skin mods and for your computer videogame.
Because you always are crying about being realistic behind the computer and videogame.

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog and is edited with tips by me.

The military are wearing facepaint to be unseen so they will be one with the invoirment. (working away the human shape.) 
But your mods right here..... Hollywood face paint camo style all the way! genius!
Tactical fail...
Ehhh... Whats up with the COD style? And why are the arms skins shown? 
''See without being seen?''  NOT
Here... I give you some useful tip... ''All skin color must be unseen...''(working away the human shape.) 

There is a reason why the military is wearing camo/paint  (in the jungle).
because human colour skin sweat ''shape'' + sun = pretty shining,reflecting and it is easy seen in the jungle.
Thats why the military offers 2 diffrent color paint for the face for in jungle invoirment (''dark green'' and ''light green''  so NOT darkgreen and skincolor.... Salva.)
And about the ''arms'' of your mods showen on the picture ''up ^''.
''Its the sleeves down.... or camo paint on his arms.''

And being not seen in the jungle is also about working away all the ''round'' forms/shapes (especially the head) ''He is bald''  And painted face with skin collored hair looks also wierd right?

And you cannot paint the hair with camo (nobody does that... thats for sure....) 
And think if someone is a ginger ''easy seeing''.
So it means they must wear a headcover in the jungle.
You as ''wannabe military gamer and modder fanboy '' should know this.

Don't follow things from games or hollywood movie if you wanna get REAL and realistic ''that you always crying about.''
(I know this is a game and these are actually useles tips for you.) because you/Salva are not even in the military. 
But you wanna be realistic ''behind computer games'' (Hardcore keyboard warrior)
So I give you these ''useful tips''. 

Salva the genius business man!...... NOT 
Salva has also not only invested  many of his times on mods/ models.
But he also invested money and he is calling me a nolifer?
Its actually none of my business right? but sure if he sticks his nose on my blog and crying about it well? >>> 
I would buy more interesting stuff with 500 dollars but sure lol ehehe everyone got his own interests/hobby.

Anyways enough of this shit. 
Its still really immature what you did on your blog. 
so Highschool level....
To all the peoples that not know about salva.
this is how salva really is as person/ personallity.

My presentation is about ''SALVA''  MCTAVISHMODS''®''      
''®''<< registered trade mark ''very hardcore''

At first Salva is racist.
He is racist against peoples with african american look.(calling them the N***** word and slaves on videogames.
He was Banned on a server named xmovie (changing his name in voodoo) 
Because of racial insulting about dark collored peoples (africans or african americans). Guess wich words he likes to use....
But because of his variable IP he can come back to the server anytime. ''NICE...
As you can see on (this picture down below) salva can change his IP.
This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog. 
He has taken a picture of my shoutbox from thelonewolf production blog

Everybody knew ''who he was/what he did'' on xmovie server if you ask who salva was.
He wanted me at the time to NOT call him ''Salva'' but ''Voodoo'' while making the movie.
Because he was banned.

Salva is also racist against Chinese peoples.(troll language against the asian community) 
Salva also likes to insult Chinese peoples with the typical troll language on youtube with racial texts like (ching chong).
Really immature... what would he think if peoples are mocking him with Polish language.
And btw everyone got their own language.
Foreign language looks pretty interesting to learn in my opinion but sure Salva keep communicating with peoples like that. 
Im sure it will bring you far.

Salva is racist against more peoples with african american 
He calls peoples with african american look ''animals everywhere'' on youtube 
and on another video wishing that kkk still were active.
I Bet you/Salva will never say that to them in real life. (you only will stare insecure to the ground)
They are humans not animals.
There are many peoples with african american look that are succesful and they are one of the greatest motivators in life (even more greater than you.) ''definiatly no animals''.

Salva is racist against muslims (generalizing a whole religion)
He also hate the muslims calling them goat fuckers and ''AC-130'' is his best friend. on SAMP

(I must say When I was on Preparenes school for the military ''VEVA'' there were also muslim peoples and we worked together as a team (not all muslims are bad or terrorists...) 
Salva need to grow up some brains and dont generalize them.)
There is a diffrence between ''muslims''(mostly good peoples that follows the islamic religion) and ''terrorists'' (are mostly lunatic extremists with personal hate and abuse the religion).
And in all religion you will see bad peoples. 

Salva is also racist against the russians...
He also hate russians calling them ''russian dogs'' on youtube.
But I think I can understand that because of what Russia did to Poland after ww2 but still.... its over a long time ago ''and he wasnt even there'' this is modern time.
So stop spreading your grandparents brainwashing opinion Salva.
This is modern time and everything is changed.
And It was not ''whole russia'' who did that to Poland.

Salvas also commenting about what the russians did in ww2.
Salva said: (the russians ''only'' killed ''few'' thousand peoples.) 
Salva you think killing peoples is a game?

''few'' right.... so Salva can kill more than ''few thousand peoples...''
And Im sure ''not all of them'' or ''not at all''  ''raped all woman on their way''.
He is a typical brainwashed Polak...

Oh and they are a more greater hero than Salva ever will be (sitting, arguing behind the computer).

Salva likes......       Hitler ''ww2''
Salva said that Hitler was a good leader.
(many ''Polish peoples'' jews died in Auschwitz ''Poland'' because of his lunatic mind lol ''nice leader'' 
 He is even having a ''kids'' army ''hitlerjugend''.
Wow! great leader. 

He is thinking of getting whole Europe but not thinking about the risk what he will bring to the German peoples.

Oh and attacking/invading undefended countries right... (good leader) 
He had even invaded Poland (Salvas own country)
And at final he lost everything and shot himself.  ''weak human mentality'' .
''Coward'' is leaving innocent German peoples behind being suffering, being bombed. 
Nice leader huh?

The only thing what I find inspiring is the actions of german military during ww2 is. (they were the ones that were really fighting for their own country)
And heroic actions/decisions of German generals. (Real leadership)
But its really sad that they fought for a fucked up leader. (or fought for the wrong reason)

Here is salva talking/arguing against his fellow peoples about Hitler on a joke ''music video''.

Here is Salva's childish behavior on other sites (Facepunch) 
He is banned here many times. 
These pictures are just 10% of many...
Salva also likes to argue ''alot'' with peoples.
And dont like to follow the rules.
He is banned in here (many times) genius!
And even those peoples think all his messages are retarded''dumb''.

Here you can see it yourself.

If this link dont work (because of updating)  do http://facepunch.com/member.php?u=350855
Then click ''find latest posts'' and scroll till the last page where you can see al his childish activities.

ARMA models
Salva was also banned on facepunch because he was showing off with ARMA models and being a though showoff asshole about it. (its illigal to use arma models but he didnt know this that time.) 
So he is banned for that.
After that he came back with a fake account named ''Youcantkillme'' and was showing off again with arma models to troll them.

Peoples were commenting on him saying stop it you can bring us in trouble for that.
But Salva still thinks its funny saying ''mission completed''.

 This is not the point but the point is.
Later someone was showing off with arma models and Salva has reported him to Bistudio (company that created arma) <<<< he told me this on SAMP when he was asslicking us to give us arma models.

And now you see him crying about if someone is showing arma models these days on Facepunch.

Salva is like a ''angry Hollywood movie cheerleader drama queen.'' Look how he likes to spread hate on his own blog.
He likes to create a presentation about peoples that he hates
As you can see at these pictures.

His presentation about Bf3maniack
This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.


Salva also had many hate talks about Paul98.

And here is a presentation that he made about me/thelonewolf
This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

It consists...

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

My answer for the picture ^ up (interview Q/A) Questions/Answer
- [Q] Salva wrote: This is Thelonewolf, Communist in 100%. 
[A] Am I a communist?  Nope...
The reason that I make rules is to get the movie done without being trolled ect. - this is the reason why you need to read the rules and you should know this look what you even wrote.

[Q] Salva wrote: My machinima movie is a reproduction of Zero dark thirty and act of valor.
[A] The SKIN MODS are act of valor and zero dark thirty but the STORY of the movie is not.
You didnt even see the movie.
No insult but you need to grow up your tiny ass brains and READ and UNDERSTAND.
I know your first language is Polish but try to improve reading/understanding.

[Q] Salva wrote: He always talks about immature kids, about attention on the internet - [Q] Youre pedophile or what the fuck is wrong with you hahaha.
- [A] ''Yes'' I always talk about immature and kids look at what you are doing now.
- [A] So if I talk about someone being immature, a kid and a attentionwhore on the internet ''talking about behavior'' im a pedophile?..... Lol never heared that before... Can you explain that to me? (If you ''can'' explain it....)
But I'm sure the defenition of ''pedophile'' is totally diffrent.

- [A] Salva... maybe you are old (talking here about 18+ games and dekant''13'' your account was made in 2007 so you are 20 or 21 ) but your behavior is childish.

[A] And talking about pedophile.
Werent you the guy that said in Polak that you want someone to hold her so you can bang her.....
you know she is ''13'' right?
''That is a pedophile.''
But lets go on right?

- [Q] Salva wrote: Whats wrong with him/thelonewolf?
[A] I don't get it Im the one getting stalked and being written about.
I just do what you do and im learning you a lesson.
You even stalked me on youtube thats why i blocked you.
I ''favorite'' these kind of videos to motivate myself to never give up my goal.
I must say im pretty motivated now because of these kinds of videos and i'm willingly to give my personal fun time up to work on my goal.

I favorite these kind of videos on my channel

One week later you see salva commenting with his youtube account on the same video>>>
[A] Seeing here your comment.....
So sad... it truely show what kind of demotivated boring stalking person you are in real life.... 
Go bother someone else....
You are the one that is ''nothing'' (keeps stalking me and commenting on videos I watch.) 
Go stick with showing off your hardly rigged models on facepunch with your life (Salva is being active on facepunch everyday and saying on his blog that he stops and is ''growing older and older'').
You must be PROUD.
While closing your blog and saying stopping making mods...''NOT'' 
Coming back making mods saying that he stops hehehe releasing his mods stops again and comes back again.... and writing  a topic about me on his blog (pure attention right?) 
Your problem is (you can NEVER stop.)

- [Q] Salva wrote: That think I think I'm important. 
[A] You think that I think I'm important. (behind the computer?)
You are joking right?
The only thing I do is making a machinima for fun.
Im not the one that always think that ''imposible is nothing'' after making hardly rigged mods/models.
And showing off saying to everyone that 1000+ peoples downloaded your mods in 1 week even if you stopped making mods.
And showing off to everyone about ''BEST textures by you.''
The only thing that I gonna have that mindset (being important) is in real life and not behind a computer thats the difference between you and me Salva.

- [A] And you talk like im making a hollywood movie but im making a machinima movie (for fun).

- [A] If you think this movie is shit its your problem not mine I dont even care what you think.
And yet again you always come back to watch my blog. (with numerous variable IP or proxy)

This pict is always updated anytime when I'm availble

- [A] I blocked you on youtube and close the chat to avoid being spammed while im working on my goal.

- [Q] Salva wrote: that I deleted the truth on my chat.
[A] You mean about the sad k9 shit? and the reproduction of act of valor and zero dark thirty? 
ahahah ''I dont belive it'' that its still bothering you about the k9 shit (sad boy).
I think you should rethink that again who is right. 
And Zero dark thirty and act of valor reproduction? again you didnt even watch the movie.
And there is a diffrence between Mods and Story (the mods are based on act of valor and zero dark but not the story.
This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

- [A] And I deleted the comment also to avoid your minions asslickers(modbeggers) supporting your bullshit.
Like one did on youtube. (he called me a ''pedophile'' too because of I called you/Salva a ''kid and immature''.)
He said exacly what you said to me. Thats an coincident dont you think?
Now stop spreading your silly hate to your internet buddies/mod asslickers ;).
Think again who is immature.
And also a minion on your chatbox.
This picture was taken on Mctavishmods blog.

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

About the actors
The actors that joined the movie are very respected by me and they are here by their choice.
I only do maximal 2 hours only on Saturday + funevent if they want to stay.
Because I keep in mind that everyone got a personal life.
I made funmaps and events to make it fun for the team and they count on me like I count on them.
You didnt even ask them what THEY think. You only say what YOU think plus masive hate of yourself.
I wrote this on the rules too thats why you need to read rules but its not the first time that you dont follow the rules right? (Facepunch)
You just hate rules right? - Goodjob rebel your really badass.

The only reason I say ''my crew'' is:
The movie is designed by me and they are in my team/crew.
You understood it wrong because of your blind silly hate 
or you are just not a team player and never worked in a team before or never knew how to lead.
Its a ''team spirit'' thing.
So it has nothing to do with owning their lifes and i would never say I own their souls ect.
The team are free to leave if they want.
But the most special about (the team) is 
this is the internet right...
and their behavior are so professional and loyal (even behind the computer on the internet)
and they are even willingly to finish the movie with me thats what i find so special about them.
But if they wanna leave they may leave and i will respect that.
I always talk about it on youtube pm if they are motivated or not if they wanna leave or not but they are willingly to stay.
And even when I said I need to do my lifegoal they also agreed and respected it. they even wishing me goodluck.
That motivates me if I reach my goal and have my beret that i will come back and finish the movie for them.
They are the only reason I will finish the movie.

This picture was taken on mctavishmods blog.

[Q] Salva wrote: peoples that are born in 1993 are a pedophile.
[A] Hmm? so all peoples who is 20 years are pedophiles?
Dekant''13'' account made on 2007 so it means your age 19 -20 -21
And in xfire your ''21''  one year older than I am.
so are you sure with that statement?
Typical ''hypocrite'' right?
[A] I said ''kids, immature, grow up'' because your behavior is. (you keep stalking me Salva)

- [Q] Salva wrote: that I am a nolifer and a nobody.
[A] So you are calling me nolifer and a nobody?
We are recording for the movie only on Saturday 2:00pm maximal 2 hours. + Funevents + vegas pro editing.
In total 5 hours in the weekends. + 2-3 hours on a other day in the week for non gaming computer activity.(mostly trick and tips or social network)
And the rests of my hours of the week I spent on not computer activities.

But now I have sacrifice most of my computer time for getting ready for my real life goal.
So if you think 5 - 10 hours a (week) is much? How much do you spent on all your mods, models on facepunch and your blog?

So salva...  how much time do you spent on your mods

(a whole list), making 4096 x 4096 textures, extracting, converting imposible rigged models ( with your ''imposible is nothing'' ''magic'' quote)? 
less then 5 hours in a week?

I'm not calling you a nolifer but you just brought it on yourself.

You are a sad sad ''21 years old''..... Salva....
Go ahead Salva make some more hardcore textures and hardly rigged ''imposible is nothing'' models.
(Im sure its less than 5 hours in a week right?) -Sarcastic

But anyways I have a life ''yes'' 
And im sure the crew got a life too so there is no need to just saying behind the computer that someone is a nolifer without a clear reason. 
So your ''revenge hate opinion'' is invalid.
Anyways lets go on.

-[Q] Salva wrote: ''tell me who is immature hmmm who the fak'' 
[A] So I am immature right? Can you explain in full sentence then why I am immature instead of just saying it?
Be ''specific''.

Medias about salva/Mctavishmods.
His youtube account names are dekant13 and second account is Patryk Mroz. and on facepunch Salva.
Salva if you delete your account I don't blame you lol I would be ashamed too if I were you. gheghe coward...

But don't forget if you delete your account you better delete those racist comments one by one on youtube first because most comments don't get deleted if you delete your account. Genius!



Or just go to google ''video'' then just type ''dekant13 youtube'' ''dekant13'' or ''dekant13 comments'' or ''dekant13 kurwa''  kurwa = common cursing in polak

Fallen Horizon: Brotherhood ,Honor ,Sacrifice trailer

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